- Author: BJ Avilla

The story begins with a weekly magazine reporter in Boston, U.S., named Nathan Samuel, who
always creates the most detailed and mysterious in-depth styles of reports.
After he deeply researched about the phenomena, he concluded the current symptoms were
related to a conspiracy of Aliens' invading the earth, which was connected to the worldwide top
politicians and entrepreneurs. After the chief editor was angry with his reports, he was sent to
Washington as a correspondent at the White House; however, he paid more attention his own
research at the Library of Congress, and found his old classmate Tom Johnston's master thesis,
which informed people of some ancient immortal human beings appearing even in modern times,
and Nathan started his research about the followers of the semi-gods and he made a huge report.
Even after he went back to Boston,
he couldn't focus on his own job, reporting real incidents rather
than mysteries.

 Mean while, he became to experience a super alien creature, called himself, Azur-O and threatened
Nathan. Also, both of his parents were killed by an unknown car accident. Because he was
traumatized, Nathan resigned his job and decided to leave for a place called, 'Spirit Island', where
his younger brother was missing when he was young. On his way to Spirit Island, he got a call as
he usually received tips from mysterious incidents about Big Foot's showing up in a cave near
Philadelphia, which was chock full of clear evidence. He decided to search for Big Foot instead of
having his break. Nathan tried to chase big foot, but failed and reached the Canadian Rocky
Mountains to discover more about their base, and Nathan was contacted by his old friend To

They met and communicated with the chief big foot, whose people were identified one of the ancient

and immortal beings, called 'sapiens', who immigrated from out of the earth, and landed in the middle
of the ice age on earth. Around 10,000 BC, the Azur-O arrived at Atlantis. Then, some of them stayed
in the Atlantis and the others moved to the Middle East plateau, which is present Egypt, Syria, and so
on. Around BC 8000, various deities showed up at the 'Olympus' on the earth, who were the Olympian
gods. Through many mixed marriages, there were still pure Azur-O's having immortality tried to conquer
the world, and the Greek Olympus gods sent their guardians from the Ptolemy family.

After then, the Roman Empire failed to stop the Ptolemy family
, and the Egyptian Azur-Os escaped
through their pyramids to the Atlantis. All of those stories were given by the chief Sapiens and Tom
Johnston that researched ancient Roman Catholic to be found as prepared for the last fight with the
Azur-Os. The chief Sapiens also told about the war history underground, which caused so many
different earthquakes.

According to the records and prophecies, the year would be the arranged time for the remaining
Azur-O's attack  to the earth. All of them moved to the Graves, which were believed as a gate to the
Atlantis base, and the biggest comet was approaching to the earth. At the moment of the comment's
clashing into the earth, human beings suffered from the ultimate eschatological world, not by the
collision energy but by the Azur-Os' attacking the earth, and the Atlantis continent rose. The Sapiens,
Nathan, and Tom were almost defeated, but the Avalon goddess, the reincarnation of Cleopatra
responded the Sapiens' pray and saved the earth.


BJ Avilla


The E-book of the  Journey To the Spirit Island will be available in the late of 2013.
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