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I have accumulated my insight and intuition by learning about Indian Philosophy, Buddhism, and methodology of religious studies through my BA, MA, and PhD courses as well as joining  Buddhist temple management as a leader for more than 10 years.
My inspiration has begun when I visited Spirit Island in Malign  Lake, Jasper, Canadian Rockies... The mysterious island has unleashed my container of unlimited imaginations and stories...
Welcome to My World of Inspirations and Imaginations!
I have various backgrounds for 
study of religions and philosophy,
but I couldn't successfully achieve my academic goal. However, finally, I am quite confident with my
​life as an author through unfolding various dimensions of my imaginations and inspirations.
​Now, I am writing several fantasy ​novels on the basis of my previous journey for philosophy and religious studies, which will be ​my endless life time project. (Korean Intro)
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